Do you want to get fit or lose some weight?

If so, then “6 on 6″ classes are just what you need.

6 on 6 has been created by DMFitness as one of our niche offerings to fit in with your busy lifestyle , and yet deliver you the health and fitness results you are seeking.

40 classes in a month training for men, all 30 minutes in duration: one in the morning – 6am, and one in the evening – 6pm (Hence 6 on 6)

All sessions will be overseen by a Master Trainer and will take the form of one of the following in each session:

  • Hurricanes Crazy cardio
  • Hurricanes strength endurance
  • DMFitness Boxing
  • DMFitness Kettlebells
  • DMFitness Combo


The cost for the month is R1, 500.00 (This equates to R 37.50 per class)

In addition to this awesome special, DMFitness also hosts the following special classes:

    • Friday Charity Class – 7am – Donations of Food, Clothes and Money all go to Charity
    • Saturday Hurricane Class – 730am – R100 for the hour.