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About Us

Through the work, development and focus of Duane Marshall after 5 years of extensive planning and development, DMFitness is now at a place where it is making its mark in the health and fitness industry. Duane has been developing not just himself through becoming a Master Trainer, but also creating this new and exciting business in the form of DMFitness.

DMFitness has brought a new and energetic dynamic to an industry that has for quite some time now been very much of the same just repackaged, we are revolutionizing the future of training and training facilities through our approach to health and fitness being a more holistic approach. DMFitness is working towards establishing its name and its product through bringing the latest and trendiest training programs to South Africa.

At the heart of DMFitness’ founder, Duane Marshall, is a desire to give back to those less fortunate, and one of the unique characteristics of DMFitness is its regular charity drives to raise funds for those less fortunate that the bulk of its clientele.

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What we do

DM Fitness is ahead of the game in terms of our training facility, our specialised, tailor-made and exciting training techniques and programs. DMFitness brings a wide spectrum of services to the market, ranging from lectures on health and fitness, facilitating training workshops, up skilling personal trainers in the industry, personal training, group training, team building for corporate clients, developing healthy eating plans, designing customised workout programs for specific results and a host of additional services all fitting within the scope of creating a healthy holistic approach to life and wellness. – Training Packages

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At DMFitness we hold the following as our guiding values and principles:

  • To remain learning.
  • To continually improve.
  • To give back to the community.
  • To be humble in all our doings.
  • To value people.

To Stay Humble and to Stay Hungry

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Duane Marshall – Master Trainer

  • Qualified Reebok Trainer
  • Qualified Spinning Instructor
  • Aqua Aerobics Instructor
  • InFitness Trainer
  • Les Mills Instructor
  • Completed educational courses in: Palates, Kettle Bells, TRX, HIIT

Duane has presented courses at:

  • Discovery Wellness Day, the Discovery Convention centre, Crawford college, for Trifocus, facilitated InFitness, and is a NASM Lecturer

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Duane is focused on seeing results … David Hoff

Training with Duane for the past 3 years has increased my mental confidence & steered me into a healthy lifestyle  Zahir Wadvalla

Duane’s knowledge goes so much further than just training- he’s a motivator and friend (which you often need to push just that little bit further for a while longer). He is always patient and encouraging; and makes tedious exercises interesting.I have learnt so much from him, he is truly a master trainer… Etienne Zeeman

Duane is warm, kind and a very intuitive and a knowledgeable trainer. You don’t just get to do weights, you get lifestyle and wellness … Justeen Coplin

Duane is technically aware and precise. The results I have seen are noticeable and inspiring … Shelley Nicholas

Duane is 100% committed to his clients, to fitness and to making fitnessfun. He makes every class varied and pushes me beyond what I think I can do. He has helped enjoy exercising for the first time in my life … Morag Phillips

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